Algorithmic Control III: Privacy, Surveillance and the Price of Content

This Kate Moss pop art is an approbation of Andy Warhol's 'Marilyn Diptych'. Using Giphy, I further remixed it by adding the filter, caption and gif stickers. This is basically a remix of a remix. Most of the stickers I have used are in fact relevant to Moss since she is a fashion model. Traces... Continue Reading →

Algorithmic control II: Hardware Platforms, Access Permissions and Ideologies of Control

Cell phones have changed how we communicate. Thanks to the iPhone in particular, media convergence has become ever-present than before and users can utilise different platforms on the one device more easily and conveniently. Phones are constantly getting developed and updated to fit with the needs and demands of consumers. There are pros and cons... Continue Reading →

Internet paradigm II: Distributed media and Meme Warfare

Memetic warfare could be viewed as a ‘digital native’ version of psychological warfare, more commonly known as propaganda. If propaganda and public diplomacy are conventional forms of memetic warfare, then trolling and PSYOPs are guerrilla versions”. It is the art of attacking people through memes and changing their views. The 2016 US presidential election was shaped by a volatile... Continue Reading →

The Future of Organisation

Human organisational models have been limited to a minute set of useful approaches. For small organisations with fewer than thirty or forty members people have been able to coordinate group behaviour in a loosely structured manner linked to their anthropological origins. The tribe As everyone is more or less aware of the whole set of... Continue Reading →

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