Art Feature Page Blog and a New Idea

Well, well, greetings fellow readers! I am back again with another blog and I will continue to converse about the progress of my art feature page. As of now, I have made 23 posts on the page, which is a fairy reasonable amount. I still have quite a lot more artworks to post and critique but I am taking my time. The page is looking quite vibrant and colourful, which will be easy on the eyes for the viewer. I am receiving artworks in many different forms: drawings, photography, arts and crafts and so on, which adds variety to the page.

The variety of different art forms I’ve received can be seen in this screen shot.

Nearly a week ago, I decided to inform my viewers through my story that I am also featuring their works on the WordPress blog. I provided the link to the page in my bio section and also took a screenshot of it and added it to my story. The artists who are getting featured had the right to know this piece of information and if any of them didn’t feel comfortable with this idea, then they could contact me about the matter. So far, no one has come forth with the fact that they don’t want their works featured on the WordPress page.

Screen shots of what the WordPress page looks like which will feature my critiques + the artworks.
The announcement I made on my Instagram sooty about the works being featured on WordPress too.

The number of likes I’m receiving on my posts is increasing the more I post, which implies that my page is enjoying success. The number of followers I have is good too. Although I do sometimes lose followers, I only lose a few and it doesn’t affect the page. I have been receiving a lot of positive feedback of my page and receive messages of gratitude from the artists whose works I featured.

An example of one of the comments I received on my critique.

Also, I came up with a new idea with regards to the artefact and I would like some feedback and opinions regarding it. I was thinking of maybe compiling all the featured artworks/my critiques of them and putting them in a digital flipbook format. If any of the artists who got featured on my Instagram page would love to have their works featured in a digital magazine format then they could contact me about it. I could make an announcement about this on my story and receive replies based on the idea. What do you guys think? Does this sound like a good idea?

Example of a digital flipbook

Till next time readers!

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