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Hello, it’s me again! I will be writing a beta blog with regards to my digital artefact and how I’ve come up with some new ideas. Previously, I had stated that I’ll be posting the artworks and my critiques on a separate WordPress page. I have now decided to scrap that idea as it doesn’t seem meaningful and useful (it seemed like a waste of time.)

A screenshot of what the page of the magazine is looking like on Pages. I am still experimenting with fonts, layout, the style etc, so this is not the final product. NOTE: the artist of this work hasn’t yet given me permission to use this in the magazine but I am just using it as an example.
Artists getting featured can have a maximum of 5 pages to themselves and a page like this will be added before readers get to see the artworks and my critiques of them. This WON’T be the image included by the way, I’m still working on the styling etc.

This is what the first page of the magazine can look like.

I have now scrapped this idea

So, I’m going to create a digital book/magazine which include the featured artworks and critiques. I will use Flipsnack to publish it so that it’s available online and to the public. I have started experimenting with this idea by creating a book on Pages and it’s working well. Visually, it looks appealing, magazine-like and also more organised. I have been playing around with fonts, styles, layouts and so on. Once the magazine is completed on Pages, I will then have to convert into as a PDF so that it can be uploaded on Flipstack.

I am in this prototyping stage in creating a digital magazine for my art critiques as well as for the artworks I’ve received. For the purposes of consent, I put up an announcement using the Instagram story tool to notify the users of my change of plans. If a particular artist doesn’t want their artwork appearing in the magazine, then they can private message me about it and for sure I won’t add their works.

For me to carry less of a burden, the featured artists can only have a maximum of five of their works featured in the magazine. This gives them the opportunity to select their best five (or less) to be featured in it. Each artist can have a maximum of five pages of the magazine to themselves, making it convenient and a worthy opportunity. This idea was inspired by WarrantAus magazine. WarrantAus gave artists the opportunity of the submitting five of their works to the magazine and in my opinion it’s very useful. The artists will have to notify me through DMs as to which of their artworks they want featured.

This whole idea did take me weeks to figure out as to how I can prototype my idea. If I am interested in starting an art magazine, which also features my art critiques, then now is the time to start taking advantage of the concept.

As with critiquing and posting the artworks on Instagram, I am doing well; I try to post regularly. I still have some artworks left to post and review. I am still open in receiving more, I just have to see if I’ll have time to write about more before the assessment gets submitted.

A screenshot of one of my critiques (posts). I think this is the most liked post too.
In terms of the likes I’m receiving on the posts, as well as the followers I have, I’m doing doing quite well. I haven’t purchased followers nor likes.

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