Featured Artworks!

Artwork by @marin_art_club on Instagram

A drawing of one of Queen’s most iconic videos ever, this artwork captures the semblance extraordinarily well of its members. From the facial expressions to the outfits, every aspect has been captured really well. The medium of texta and pencils have been used very well in terms of colouring and outlining, making the Queen members stand out. Overall, brilliant work! I was very impressed by the level of accuracy depicted in this work. 🖼🎨

Artwork by @iron_pencil_ on Instagram

This black and white drawing features Iron Maiden’s mascot Eddie as a mummy wrapped in the bandages. I am hugely impressed by this piece, for it shows intricate shading, colouring and most importantly drawing. It feels highly photographic and it has imitated the actual photo exceptionally well. Every aspect seems symmetrical as well as proportional, which is also the highlight of this piece. The anger depicted on the subject’s face has been well captured too. Overall, fantastic effort, I’m amazed to a significant degree. 🖼🎨

Artwork by @retroreginald on Instagram

This post features a portrait drawing of the Rocket Man himself (a.k.a Elton John.) What I love about this piece is how both the black and white and coloured aspects are merged together to create this drawing. The choice of keeping the face black and white was a great one. The subject underwent many obstacles and challenges through his life. This can allude to a bleak and ‘grey’ approach, which is perhaps produced on the face. However, this flamboyant persona and stage presence is what adds colour to him. The colouring has been done perfectly as has the shading, adding realism to the work. Overall, brilliant job! 🖼🎨

Artwork by @calebperkins_art on Instagram

This work is simple yet the depth and detail is great. For example, there is excellent emphasis and detail placed on the muscles, making it appear realistic. The shadow and its placement has been done well. There is even the toning done for the background, making this piece stand out. The subject’s demand gaze is quite confronting and it’s been done well to grab the viewer’s attention. Overall, excellent job! As an artist you’ve improved a lot and I’m very proud of you. 🖼🎨

Artwork by @_.justcraftingaround on Instagram

My first impression of this piece was that I thought it was vastly striking and bold. However, it is not just the bright colours that make this piece stand out, it’s the movement which does. The movement depicted in this artwork is reminiscent to the hallucinatory effects which are made by taking a psychedelic drug. The shades of the colours used are excellent and compliment the concept really well. Overall, excellent work as it captivates the audience! 🖼🎨


Artworks by @iron_pencil on Instagram

I’ve decided to group these works into one category: eerie works. There is bizarreness and strangeness with regards to the subject matter in these pieces yet it also brings laughter and even excitement. Art is all about imagination and creativity and these works prove this point. An artist can push boundaries and limits by changing what they see of reality and creating their own world. A few of these have been composed in simple yet effective ways whilst others appear to be more complex in terms of the details. Overall, brilliant work! 🖼🎨

Artwork by @rollingstones_collection on Instagram

This photograph is picturesque to a large degree. There is so much serenity and ethereal beauty depicted in this piece and it seems like an oil painting. The colours seem subtle, delicate and soft, there isn’t harshness which matches with that of the nature of the landscape. This implies that it is charming and beautiful. Both the shot and angle are perfect and it was the best possible way to capture the view. Overall, excellent work! 🖼🎨

Artwork by @nathanbartlet on Instagram

A portrait photograph which demonstrates the brilliant use of depth and focus. The shot appears to be perfect and this piece also shows wonderful symmetry. I am really drawn to the colours; they appear very summer-like and inviting. The colour of the dress that the subject is wearing contrasts beautifully with the colours in the background. Overall, lovely work! I’m really impressed by this piece. 🖼🎨

Artwork by @calebperkins_art on Instagram

This work appeared to be a work in progress judging by the second photo and the first one is a complete one. I am impressed by the level of detail which is depicted on Goliath. The work done on the armour is great and the shine that appears on it adds accounts for detail. I love how the shadows of individuals in the background appear to be accurate in terms of depth and colour. I also love how the sky and hill appear to be ethereal in appearance. Overall, fantastic job! 🖼🎨

Artwork by @_jelee_ on Instagram

This piece here is a photograph which also includes an element of arts and craft in a rather unique way. The subject’s offer gaze depicts despondency which matches with that of the sombre colour of the photograph. The material used to cover the outlines of the face is a rather interesting concept. From my perspective, it seems that it represents the subject’s discomfort with their appearance, hence why they appear sad and are looking away from the camera. The material appears to be pink and feminine in appearance so that the subject feels more comfortable and maybe fit in with society’s standards of beauty. Overall, I was really impressed with the concept as well as the photography skills showcased. Well done! 🖼🎨

Artwork by @_jelee_ on Instagram

These works are all highly unique and well-crafted. How so? Well, the material that was used to create these was embroidery thread 
on canvas and on a plastic bag. The detail packed into these works using the materials listed is sensational; they appear photographic in a sense. There are various subjects that were crafted in these collections and the last three are behind-the-scenes photos. I like how plastic was used as an art form as it appears to be more environmentally friendly and is made useful. Overall, excellent work! 🎨🖼

Artwork by @nathanbartlet on Instagram

A photograph which depicts primarily cool colours, it represents the notion of freedom. Freedom is a word which I associate with cool colours and such colours symbolise tranquility, a feeling which one can attain from freedom. The arms in this piece look as though they are having the freedom to feel the space around them, to explore the beauty that’s around them. The concept of freedom has been depicted well with regards to the material practice. Overall, excellent work! 🖼🎨

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