What Defines A Meme?

People have become surrounded by information technology; their furniture includes iPods and plasma displays, and their skills involve texting and Googling. The rise of information theory helped and abetted a brand new perspective of life. The genetic code—no longer a mere metaphor—was being deciphered. Scientists spoke grandly of the biosphere: an entity composed of all the... Continue Reading →

The Super-Distribution System

The internet is a copy machine. It copies each action, every character, every thought individuals make while they ride upon it. In order to send a message from one corner of the internet to another, the protocols of communication convince that the entire message be copied along the way many times. IT companies produce a... Continue Reading →

Media Convergence

Pool’s Technologies of Freedom (1983) was one of the first books to demonstrate the idea of convergence as a force of shift within the media industries: A process called the “convergence of modes” is blurring the lines be- tween media, even between point-to-point communications, such as the post, telephone and telegraph, and mass communications, such as... Continue Reading →

Beginning Work On My Instagram Page

Greetings fellow readers! Guess what? Work has begun on building my Instagram page! Creating an art feature and review page really was something that was relevant to my future career as well as something that interested me. I had received many artworks in one week from artists who specialised in various fields of visual arts... Continue Reading →

First Topical Blog

My Instagram blog: @art_for_arts_sake1 I have been reflecting on my idea for my digital artefact and am ticking off points whether it will be useful and convenient for my audience.  Does my artefact have a social utility? I’d say it does because a global audience can view the artworks being posted, feel like they’re in... Continue Reading →

Artefact Ideas

Hello again, it's me Aimee! This blog will basically be about me posting my digital artefact ideas. In my previous blog, I did state what I really wanted my artefact to be about but I'll definitely post my other ideas. Although I'm exceptionally happy with my #1 idea, posting about my other ideas is still... Continue Reading →

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